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Monday, March 23, 2009

Episode 18: In Which DFM's Milk Turns Into Sour Cream

Today wasn't much of a day.  After a jam packed day of exploring and a night out I opted for some rest.  I did have quite a weird experience with my milk though.  

I'm not sure if it was the heat or not (my room is generally quite cool as there are no windows) but when I had my breakfast cereal it tasted rather odd.  I thought maybe it was just the old milk left over from the other day (I was too lazy to wash my bowl out), so I had another bowl later in the afternoon.  There were solid chunks in my milk!  Plus, it tasted kind of like drinking sour cream.  I didn't want to waste good cereal though so I ate the rest of the bowl.  But then I threw out the remaining milk since I was pretty sure it wasn't quite fresh anymore.

When I went to get some new milk and cereal from the "Spend More-On-Foods" across the street I met the cutest little boy.  He couldn't have been any more than two at the most, but was probably younger.  I was standing in the cereal aisle comparing the cost-benefit ratios of various products when this little guy came toddling along with his dad.  He stopped dead in his tracks like he had seen a ghost.  (I know I'm pretty pale, but come on!)  I backed out of the way to let him pass, but his dad said "annyeong him."  The little boy puts his hands by his side and bent over into a big bow.  I replied "annyeong hasseo," which means hello, and bowed back.  The boy toddled along on his way and the dad and I exchanged a nod.  I was kicking myself for forgetting the number one tourist rule:  Never forget your camera!

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