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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


For those of you interested in becoming more fit, a goal is vital to keeping you motivated. I suggest at least one of your goals be related to a bodyweight exercise such as pull-ups, push-ups, dips, one-legged squats etc. The nature of the goal can range from completing just one repetition of an exercise (e.g., your first pull-up), or to setting a new record (e.g., my own goal of holding a handstand for one full minute).

Body weight training is something that is largely independent of location, money, or time, which makes it a great fitness tool. Even a stressed out accountant can do some push-ups on his or her coffee break. The top of a door can be used as an impromptu pull-up bar, and dips can be completed between two chairs or in the corner of your kitchen where counter tops meet.

Whatever exercise you choose to work on, or wherever you decide to do it, I have come across a couple of great sites on body weight fitness that may help you attain your goal(s). The first is a blog created by Mad Money for the calisthenics troop, Bar-barians. The blog can be accessed here. The Bar-barians perform unbelievable feats of strength on what can best be described as standard playground equipment. They have an official website of their own which can be accessed here. I strongly recommend checking out the forum where you can access training ideas and any information on any other fitness concern.


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I really enjoyed reading your post! Sounds like you've got the right idea when it comes to bodyweight. Congrats!


  2. I work out in my office all the time!

  3. What about a stressed out accounting student?