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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Goode Family

In 1961, Polish Science-Fiction author Stanislaw Lem wrote one of the finest pieces of literature DFM has ever read. His masterpiece is called Solaris and revolves around the question of whether the illusion of recreation of reality is in fact reality. In the novel, the narrator falls in love with a clone of his ex-wife taken from his memory. When confronted with the possibility that the he may only love the clone because the clone has been modeled exclusively upon the positive aspects of his memory, the narrator is thrown into inner turmoil since the only way to determine if he loves the clone is to take note of his reaction to its destruction.

Similarly, Mike Judge has a new television series called The Goode Family coming out on ABC in early March '09, which also deals with a problem and which also looks to be just as brilliant as King of the Hill (which means it is as brilliant as Solaris too). The show revolves around a family, the Goodes, constantly afflicted with liberal guilt about being white and privileged and human. The central problem the family faces is how to act in an appropriately progressive fashion when the rules for acting progressively are constantly changing. In the following link, Mike Judge and the other creators describe the show and the Goode Family. Enjoy, and continue to support good writing; continue to support Mike Judge.

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