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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do Scousers Speak Engrish?

I was watching some sketches from a top-notch British comedy show by Harry Enfield. There is a group of recurring characters on Harry's show called The Scousers. At first I was unaware of the term Scouser, but after some light research I found it to mean a person from Liverpool. In fact, it turns out that nearly all people North of London are made fun of for not being from London. In my searches though, I found a site which contains samples of all significant British dialects. I've included a link to it, because I thought some proactive thinkers amongst my readers may want to practice their Engrish listening skills. Simply click on one of the stick figures to hear a sample of that region's distinctly non-North American accent. With some practice, you should be well on your way to ordering a submarine sandwich.

("Youse wanna fight, eh?")

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