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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Tall One, The Short One, and The Other One

For those of you who don't know, the British television program Top Gear is one of the most watched programs in the World. It is liscenced in 117 countries and is watched by over a billion people each week. That means 1/7 of the World's population watches one show.

The basic premise of the show is that its three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson ("the tall one"), Richard Hammond ("the short one") and James May ("the other one") perform outrageous stunts with cars and make fun of each other. Some past stunts include driving a car up a mountain, launching a car into space, dropping a car off of a demolished sky scraper, and converting a car into an amphibious vehicle and driving it across the English Channel. But it's not just the type of stunts the presenters perform, but the way in which they do them that makes this show so special.

Jeremy Clarkson is perhaps one of the most politically incorrect television presenters in the World, and because of this Top Gear has been accused of being homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, and just about any other criticism one can throw at it. One thing it is not though, is boring.

Until now the best way to watch Top Gear episodes was to download each episode (Top Gear is also the most pirated show in the World). All this has changed now. My brothers recently introduced me to a fantastic site called At you can watch every single episode of Top Gear in a high quality, high speed streaming format. But that's not all. The three presenters have also hosted other equally impressive shows and you can watch every episode of those at Hessmo as well.

Since is perhaps the World's greatest website and completely free, please support it by clicking on a few of its links if you enjoyed any of the videos. is doing the World a great service and a few seconds of inconvenience on your part can help ensure that everyone benefits from its continued existence.
(Don't let this happen to you, watch Top Gear.)

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