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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why Do My Posters Hate Canada?

Perhaps no greater problem has existed in my life than how to get my posters to lie flat against the wall when I tack them up? Although I don't collect posters per se, I have attended many events at which posters were thrust into my reluctant arms. Not wanting to waste good paper I have dutifully adorned the walls in my bedroom with a number of images that say little about me. One reason I hate posters so much is that I can never get them to lie flat against the wall, and subsequently I constantly catch my fingers/shirt/soul on the edges which results in their being ripped (see below).

While this may not be such a big deal in times of peace, we are in fact not at peace, we are at war. Like many good Canadians I have an unreadable 11 X 8 print of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms tacked up in an inaccessible corner of my room above my VHS collection (including the pilot of Knight Rider: "Michael, I took the liberty of scanning our social situation and it turns out we're at war.")
As you can clearly see from the above photos, despite my best efforts the paper will just not lie flat against the wall. For the present time it's not too desperate of a situation, but if my copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms ever gets ripped like my other posters, how will I know which Rights and Freedoms to take for granted anymore?
We're at war; we shouldn't be paying attention to Rights and Freedoms, we should be blindly following whatever our governments say. Poster of Rights and Freedoms, you've made me take notice of you, why do you hate Canada?

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  1. One of your ads is now for chartered 737 flights.

    The ATA has gotten out of hand, I guess.